You may or may not have noticed that since January 2018, FIA harnesses are only available to purchase in 4 or 6-point configurations. This is due to a change in FIA regulations introduced as the new FIA 8853-2016 standard. 4 Point harnesses are still available under the FIA 8854/98 standard, with our LUKE 2004 harness remaining the same trusted and quality product that is known and loved by many.

FIA 8853-2016 Standard Explained

For 2018 the FIA has released a new standard relating to the manufacturing of FIA harnesses. The most significant change is that 5-point harnesses are no longer able to be manufactured, along with some subtle changes affecting the 6-point harness (please note, existing 5-point harnesses are still acceptable to use until the homologation expires).

Previously a 6-point harness could have a variety of crutch strap configurations, now only one is permitted; what we call the ‘Moustache’ crutch strap. With that in mind, we have re-developed our 6-point harnesses, introducing our all-new for 2018 Corbeau Ultima Pro range, consisting of the HANS Specific, HANS Compatible and Formula specification harness options.

Why choose the Corbeau Ultima Pro range?

With a host of unique features, we can guarantee that our harnesses are currently the best value option on the market. Some of these features include:

  • Lightweight Magnesium Buckle, complete with easy locating tang guide
  • Lightweight Shoulder, Lap and Crutch strap webbing
  • Lightweight Aluminium Aero adjusters
  • Snaphooks and Eyebolts included as standard
  • Colour options include Black, Blue and Red

If you have any questions and would like some advice, our expert sales team are on hand to discuss the options available to you, just get in touch.

FIA Homologation Label on Shoulder Strap of Corbeau Racing Harness

Scrutineering Information

It has been brought to our attention that scrutineers are being thorough in checking the harness FIA hologram location found on the shoulder straps.  The hologram must be on the left hand shoulder strap to avoid any unwanted stress before your events!