• Team Corbeau Win At Silverstone!

    Team Corbeau Win At Silverstone!

    June 7th, 2017

    Last weekend Team Corbeau headed to Silverstone for the second round of the SsangYong Racing Challenge. What a weekend it was! With a record 3 podiums for us in the Race Challenge so far!

    Saturday saw us qualify 6th on the grid. With a few last minute changes to set up on Saturday night, we were ready for race day.

    Race 1 was a nail biter. We crossed the line in second place after the leading pair had a coming together in the closing stages of the first race. Harry Webb in car #2 crossed the line in first place after a similarly difficult qualifying session, proving that working together is key in this race series.

    We started second on the grid in Race 2. Working together with Harry Webb, we opened up a comfortable gap in the opening laps meaning we weren’t distracted with driving defensive lines. A hard battle for first place then begun. Lewis Grant in third place was rapidly closing the gap, forcing us to take a daring line down the inside of Harry Webb into Luffield. We successfully pulled into first place and took the chequered flag and a fantastic win.

    A reversed grid for Race 3 meant we lined up in fifth place. We faced a tough challenge to get back into a podium position, with some really quick drivers between us, and a win. In the opening two laps we took two places, crossing the line in third place.

    With the Musso properly set up and a good weekend under our belts, we can’t wait for the next round at Knockhill in Scotland. See you there!

  • Who Are We? You'll Be Surprised

    Who Are We? You'll Be Surprised

    May 22nd, 2017

    I get asked “don’t you just make race seats?” quite regularly by car enthusiasts. And actually, you’d be forgiven for thinking that. But Corbeau is so much more than ‘just race seats’. Allow me to explain.

    If I were to say we’ve developed solutions for; super yachts, powerboat racing teams, large corporations, stadiums, gaming professionals and various major motorsport teams and high performance car manufacturers among many others, you’d be rightly taken aback.

    For 50 years we’ve been creating race seats, but without blowing our own trumpet, in those 50 years we’ve consistently been at the forefront of aftermarket seating design and applications. Take our composite FIA race seats; these are some of the most advanced available on the market, having been subjected to and passing the stringent FIA testing process, all thanks to our Engineering department. These guys knowledge of seating position, strength and energy dissipation is frankly staggering.

    But during these 50 years, Corbeau has evolved far beyond just race seats. Our Sportline range for road cars find the balance between comfort and track seat style support you’ll find in our Fixed Back Seat range. These seats sit on sub frames designed specifically for your vehicle, let’s pause to let that sink in… that’s a lot of cars…. All our road seats are professionally trimmed from our wide range of materials by some of the best technicians available. Combine this with additional options such as; bespoke design, stitching upgrades, seat heating and adjustable lumbar support and the result is something that’s really quite special. This is mirrored across our Classic range. Jump over to our Instagram to see for yourself. The link's at the bottom of the page.

    When it comes to harnesses, the Luke brand has been synonymous with motorsport for many years. With such a wide choice, choosing the correct belts can be tricky. We aim to make it simpler for you with; UK manufactured & distributed, expert advice based on your race series, superior quality features across all our ranges, and if needed, tailored to suit your requirements.

    Now combine this with pride in fast customer service, a team of expert sales people, a Managing Director with a lifetime of automotive and motorsport experience and a culture of consistent innovation across all our product ranges and it’s easy to see why we are the choice for so many people.

    By this point these car lovers are nodding their heads with that inverted-smile-impressed-expression of ‘hmmm I didn’t know that’, and the subsequent question usually goes as follows; “so what makes you different?” Again, you would be forgiven for asking, and I sum it up something like this;

    Genuine love, unbeatable service & expert advice married to a superior product provided by serious car people.

    Our expanding product range will soon reach beyond seating & safety solutions, so watch this space, there are some exciting changes afoot.

    Get in touch on 01424 854499 or if you want to find out more, email me at ben@corbeau-seats.com

  • Corbeau Enter SsangYong Race Challenge

    Corbeau Enter SsangYong Race Challenge

    May 9th, 2017

    The 2017 Ssangyong Racing Challenge features identical performance racing trucks, and will battle it out for the first time this weekend.

    An impressive launch will see 12 SsangYong Musso Trucks competing in a 3 race weekend, all competitors have been out testing this morning prior to tomorrows’ action. This is a new and exciting series sure to attract more drivers over the forthcoming season!

    Corbeau Seats feature with a technical package, all of these trucks will be using our FIA 8855-1999 Revenge Seat with integrated head restraints, Pro-Team Alloy Side Mounts, along with Ultima-Pro Black Edition HANS Specific Harnesses.

    With such a strong collaboration this series will be one that we will taking an interest in – so much so, we decided to give it a go ourselves!

    Driver Matt Kelly will take the wheel of our very own Musso truck at Snetterton, Norwich this weekend. Come and see us, qualifying starts 09.50 on Saturday and you can follow our progress throughout the season on Corbeau’s Facebook page: Corbeau Seats UK.

  • Classic Seating: What's Right For Your Project?

    Classic Seating: What's Right For Your Project?

    May 7th, 2017

    Let’s paint the picture. You’ve been scrolling Piston Heads after a rare sighting of your dream classic. You think now is the time to realise your dream. A relatively rust free shell finds its way into your garage. The countless late nights & weekends slaving to restore each finite detail begin. Finally; the paint goes on, interior goes in, but, the original seats just don’t have that… finishing touch.

    Let’s get right to the point. What seat is right for your project? As you might expect, the answer depends on your vehicle & your driving intent. If you’re racing, you’ll most likely need an FIA approved seat to be eligible. But what if you’re not racing. What if you want a new bucket seat for your new pride and joy? The good news is there are several options open to you, and they won’t break the bank.

    With our 50 years’ experience, we’ve developed 5 classic bucket seats which we believe comfortably cater for every situation;

    Small Cockpits?

    If your cockpit is a bit space-limited, we recommend Sportsman; the smallest classic seat on the market. Or, if you have more room we always recommend Classic for great support and feel. We regularly find these in Triumphs, MGB’s & classic Mini’s.

    I’ve Got Loads of Space!

    If your dream classic has more room, then we recommend GT8. This seat has exceptional support and features deep side bolsters that would certainly keep you in place, this is a taller option over our ever popular GT4 & Sportsman. We tend to find GT8’s in old Ford Capri’s.

    For Those In Between?

    We recommend GT4 or Alpine. These are similar to GT8 as they have deep side bolsters to secure you in the seat, have that distinct classic style; they’re just not as tall.

    All our classic seats are fitted using our base mount system & are available with double locking runners to help you find the best driving position possible. Our classic seats are available in a variety of different cloths, vinyl’s and leathers which can be personalised to best suit your car. You can even add seat heater and inflatable lumbar support if you’re planning an epic road trip.

    If you want to talk to us about your project in more depth & what seat is right for you, give us a call on 01424 854499 or email us at sales@corbeau-seats.com. We’re always more than happy to help.

  • Corbeau Seats Has A New Ambassador

    Corbeau Seats Has A New Ambassador

    April 11th, 2017

    We are pleased to announce Georgia Shiels as the latest signing to our product ambassador programme. Georgia will be competing in the 2017 British Rallycross Championship in her LOCO Energy Drink sponsored RX150 Buggy, prepared and run by Team RX Racing. 

    Vic Lee; MD of Corbeau said “We look forward to working with Georgia, in what is a very physical and challenging discipline. Georgia has an impressive CV in rallying even though her career is at its early stages. We look forward to assisting her as she climbs the ranks.

    Round 2 is this coming weekend at Lydden Hill, where once again she will face tough competition from the rest of the class. Georgia had a baptism of fire during round 1 at Croft back in March, with limited testing time under her belt, however she raced hard and currently stands 7th in class.

    Georgia is definitely a driver to watch and we wish her good luck.

    Follow Georgias’ progress through her social media; Facebook – Georgiashiels / Twitter - Georgia_Shiels / Instagram - georgiashiels.

  • Introducing - Corbeau X FIA Seats

    Introducing - Corbeau X FIA Seats

    April 4th, 2017

    Driven by our continued commitment to driver safety and comfort, Corbeau's Engineering Department have been busy revisiting our FIA competition seats, working closely alongside the FIA who have introduced an updated series of guidelines to ensure high quality finished products and traceability of materials. Revenge X and Pro-Series X are the first two seats to have been redesigned in CAD, using technology featured in the design of our flagship Predator FIA 8862-2009 seat to advance vital areas, meaning improved driver safety and increased installation quality. 

    Full revision of Revenge & Pro-Series has proven to be a worthwhile exercise. Revenge has been re-tested to meet FIA 8856-1999 and the results speak for themselves. The changes include an enhanced mounting bolt fixing, which has been increased from 8mm to 10mm to improve stiffness, and a revised composite lay up in key areas of the seat, all whilst keeping the original look.

    With the introduction of the new M10 fixings, to conform to the new FIA regulations, seats will now require Corbeau's new Pro-Team X side mounts.

    To find out more about the changes we've made, call us on 01424 854499, pressing option 1 when prompted, to speak to Nick, Dan or Steve who will happily answer any questions you may have.

  • Corbeau Mourns the Loss of Colin Folwell

    Corbeau Mourns the Loss of Colin Folwell

    November 1st, 2016

    Colin Folwell 1939 - 2016.

    On October 29, Corbeau Seats president and founder Colin Folwell passed away after a short illness at his home in Westfield, East Sussex, surrounded by family and friends. "Colin's death is a tragic loss for all of us who considered him a close friend," said Managing Director Vic Lee. "Throughout his illness, he maintained his cheerful, light-hearted caring ways that so endeared him to many colleagues, friends and customers during his long career at the helm of Corbeau.” Colin is survived by wife Nessie, son Ben and nephew Harry. Colin was a club racer in the late ‘50s and ‘60s when he started designing race seats in his garden shed. The seats attracted a huge amount of interest and competitors were quickly admiring his designs and in 1963 Corbeau Equip Ltd was formed. With Colin's endless energy he was soon developing new seat designs for both competition and modified road cars, and Corbeau was quickly becoming the chosen brand for seats. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, the competition grew, but Colin's knowledge and willingness to help club racers and championships stood him in good stead and he was selling Corbeau seats to all the great names within the sport from touring cars through to rally disciplines. His cavalier marketing and personal skills kept the business on top of its game. In 2004 the company hit an all-time low when a fire destroyed most of the Corbeau Factory. Colin did not give up and over the next two years continued his work from temporary premises while the factory was rebuilt. He worked relentlessly to continue to supply seats to his loyal customer base. His passion for the sport and his work ethic was to be admired; his workforce adored him, and was always on hand to help out whenever he needed them. Vic Lee added: "When the business was bought in 2011, and I was given the job as Managing Director, I had no idea just how big the boots were that I had to fill. It was at this point that I realised just what a legend and a much-loved person Colin was. So when I get asked why Corbeau was so successful, it is simple, it was Colin Folwell and the person he was and what he represented that made it such a success. Colin will leave a big void in many people’s lives and will be sadly missed.”


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