We have recently been the victim of fraud which has resulted in some of our safety equipment being purchased using falsified information consequently these items are now classified as ‘stolen’ and remain the ultimate property of Corbeau Seats Ltd.

We have mitigated the risks of this event reoccurring however at present the FIA approved items remain in general circulation.

Therefore, we would like to ask people to be vigilant, especially if they are in the market for a cheap set of FIA Seats and harnesses. If you do see any of the items listed below for sale and you can verify the FIA Hologram number, please notify either ourselves or the MSA on the contact links below.

The items are as follows:

1x Revenge STD                                              Serial 14515                        FIA AB297476

1x Revenge XL                                                Serial 14892                         FIA AB297475

1x 2006SS Ultima Harness                           Serial 804478/505              FIA A5008844/801



sales@corbeau-seats.com                                           +44 (0)1424 854499

technical@msauk.org                                                    +44 (0)1753 765000