FIA Motorsport Seats

Our FIA Motorsport bucket seat range has been developed over our 50+ year heritage to how it is today. Quality and comfort are at the heart of what we do. Throughout our range of FIA seats, you will find different models to suit a wide range of applications.

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ECS-4 – FIA 8855-2021

£2,220.00 (£1,850.00 excl. VAT)

Revenge X

£750.00 (£625.00 excl. VAT)

Revolution X

£750.00 (£625.00 excl. VAT)

Pro-Series X

£648.00 (£540.00 excl. VAT)

RXC Motorsport Seat

£600.00 (£500.00 excl. VAT)

Sprint X

£600.00 (£500.00 excl. VAT)