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Double Locking Seat Runners

£42.00 (£35.00 excl. VAT)

  • 3 Handle Options
  • Double Locking Mechanism
  • Designed Specifically for Corbeau Seats
  • 120mm Fore and 93mm Aft Travel
  • Handle Selection



Our high quality double locking seat runners with 120mm fore and 93mm aft travel, with easy installation. Compatible across our seating range.

Our runner handle design is for our specific seating ranges, there are 3 handle options:

  • Sportline/Classic
  • Standard width Motorsport
  • XL width Motorsport

We manufacture our products to order. After receiving your order, we will let you know the estimated manufacturing time.

After clearing quality control, we will send you an email with notification of dispatch and tracking information if available.

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Did you know our Subframe kit includes double locking runners? See if your vehicle is listed: