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Stand21 Hi-Tec FHR Device

£876.00 (£730.00 excl. VAT)

  • FIA 8858-2010 Approved
  • Full Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Weighs 650g
  • Available in 3 Size Options
  • Available in 4 Angle Options
  • Size



The FHR System or ‘Frontal Head Restraint’ is the greatest safety innovation since the full-face helmet and the fire retardant racing suit. It reduces the risk of basilar skull fracture or muscle stretching during an intense deceleration, the primary cause of death in motor racing.

The Hi-Tec FHR device is made from high strength carbon fibre and complies with FIA 8858-2010, a standard which established the criteria for optimal resistance to the forces applied to a drivers head and neck in the sudden decceleration experienced in an impact. This Hi-Tec FHR weighs 650 grams. Comes fitted with sliding tethers for ease of movement.

The Hi-Tec FHR device is available in the following sizes:

Small – Less than 15″ Collar Size

Medium – 15″ to 18″ Collar Size

Large – Over 18″ Collar Size

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