Seat Grommets

£13.50 (£11.25 excl. VAT)

**Grommet B available on Back Order – Mid December Delivery**

  • Grommet A – Shoulder harness slot for Revolution/Pro-Series/Revenge/Sprint
  • Grommet B – Lap harness slot for Revolution/Pro-Series/Revenge/Sprint – Forza Shoulder and Lap 1999 to 2003
  • Grommet C – Lotus LE-X Lap slot / Forza Lap slot upto 1999
  • Grommet D – Current RRB – Shoulder and Lap Slots / Forza Lap and Crutch slot
  • Grommet E – Sportline RRS Shoulder slot / Forza Shoulder slot
  • Contact our sales team for volume orders
  • Grommet Selection



This part is a direct replacement for the grommets you received with your seat. If you have lost or damaged your original grommet then this is what you need.

These items are sold as single units and are non returnable so if you are unsure of which style you need please contact our sales team – 01424 854499

Grommets are a direct replacement part for your seat. They will provide an exact fit to the previous products.

Corbeau grommets are available for immediate despatch with our free next day delivery service.

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