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Elite bespoke design option available.


  • Designed With Off Road Vehicles In Mind
  • High Quality Moulded Foam Design
  • Mount Using Our Subframe & Slider Combination
  • Maximum Comfort On Long Journeys
  • Designed With 3 & 4 Point Off Road Harnesses In Mind
  • Elite Upgrade Available
  • Reclining Off Road Bucket Seat
  • Tilt Forward Function
  • Excellent Lateral, Leg & Lumbar Support

RRS Low Base Options

Below you will find RRS Low Base’s additional options.

Heated Seat

Our unique seat heating warms the base and back of your seat. Perfect for winter mornings on the track.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Our adjustable lumbar support is motorsport inspired and hugely popular with our professional drivers. This option gives complete control over your level of lumbar support, perfect for long racers or long road trips alike.

RRS Low Base has a huge variety of fabric options. See below for a breakdown of what is available for this seat.

Standard Options

  • Black cloth.
  • Black vinyl with black stitching throughout.
  • Black vinyl with white stitching throughout.

Upgraded Options 

  • Black leather featuring black stitching
  • Black leather featuring white stitching
  • Assorted Leather Colours with choice of stitching colour
  • Leather and alcantara with assorted stitching colour.

ELITE Upgrade 

Design your own bespoke cover. Trimmed in what you want. Find out more in the link above.

RRS Low Base is designed for both harnesses and your standard inertia seat belt. However, if you’re planning track action, we always recommend installing a harness.

Our recommended harnesses for RSS Low Base are:

RSS Low Base comes in one size.

We recommend trying the seat before you buy, however the dimensions of RRS Low Base are included in the seat slide show above and should give you an accurate idea of sizing. 

Add your name, your company, your company’s logo, or a sponsors logo to give your seat your signature. Pricing includes digitisation and machine set up.

Fitting RRS Low Base

To safely fit an RRS Low Base in your vehicle, we highly recommend purchasing our vehicle specific sub-frames. Talk to our expert sales team about what fitting options are available to you.

Discover ELITE

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This sports reclining bucket seat is especially designed for vehicles that have a high-ground clearance and raised cabin.

Examples include Land Rover Defenders, Jeep and most of the 4×4 range. The RRS Low Base features low side bolsters to allow ease of entry and exit from elevated cabins. This sports reclining bucket seat utilises our high quality moulded foam cushion, bolster and lumber support to offer maximum comfort on long journeys.

The only upgrade option for this seat is designing a bespoke trim of your choice. It is available as standard in; vinyl, cloth and black leather or by special order, leather and alcantara.

Have you got a specific colour in mind? Contact us and we will provide you with a sample swatch of your preferred trim (or closest available) for approval prior to manufacture.


RRS Low Base is made to order, with varying lead-times our sales team will inform you when your seat is completed. Once your seat is complete, it’s sent to you via next day delivery with our selected courier partners, once it has cleared our strict quality control process. Get in touch on 01424 854499 to find out more about our fast delivery.

Where to buy

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