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To diamond stitch or to not diamond stitch that is the question? Whether you would like diamond stitching in a certain area, throughout or not at all, we can accommodate your requirement. Colour matched to your chosen scheme this can really set your seat apart from the rest.

If diamonds aren’t your thing, for a more subtle look the normal seat stitching can be colour matched to your colour scheme, even including the Corbeau Logo! Or if none of the above appeals to you, then we can leave the stitching in the standard white/black colour.

Custom Embroidery
Custom Embroidery


We have various material options to choose from, our sales team can advise you on what is possible. For a quick reference we have put a list below:

  • Jacquard

  • Fizz

  • Vinyl

  • Leather

  • Alcantara

There is a wide range of colour options available, material samples are available on request.


We can change your seat stitching from standard white or black to match your colour scheme, as we as the colour of the Corbeau Logo’s!

There are so many colours to choose from so if you have something specific in mind we will be able to help!

If you want diamond stitching in a certain area this is something we can also accommodate.

We can match this to the material colour to really set your seat apart from the rest.

Custom Embroidery
Custom Embroidery


Our in-house embroidery allows you to add a personal touch to your seat. You can choose from the following options to be embroidered onto your seat:

  • Driver Name

  • Slogan

  • Number

  • Flag

  • Team/Company Logo

For any logos we do require a high quality image for conversion onto our embroidery machine.

Get in touch with us to discuss bespoke seat design

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