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  • FIA 8855-1999 Approved
  • Open Head Restraint
  • HANS Zone for Additional Comfort
  • 3 Composite Options
  • 2 Width Options
  • Compatible with 4/5/6 Point Harnesses

Side Mounts

When you purchase a Revolution you will also need our Pro-Team side mounts to safely secure your seat into your car. Talk to our expert sales team about how we include them in with your seat.

Revolution Options

Revolution is available in 3 different composite options. Know as Systems, your choice of System dictates the composite construction of your seat.

System 1: GRP/Kevlar

The GRP/Kevlar combination is our entry level composite construction and comes as standard on on your seat, at no extra cost.

System 3: Kevlar/Carbon

The Kevlar/Carbon combination adds extra stiffness and reduces the overall weight of your seat by replacing GRP elements with carbon. This option is very popular with customers new to competitive motorsport.

System 5: Carbon

Make your Revolution pure carbon. This options gives a serious reduction in weight. This is highly sought after by our professional team’s and drivers.

We offer two different size seats across our FIA approved range.


Customers with waist size of up to 32 inches and below will find this size comfortable.


Customers with a waist size of 34 inches and above will find this size comfortable.


You can choose from the following fabric and top stitch upgrade options when ordering your seat. Changing your fabric option adjusts the fabric type and colour in the centre of your seat, and changing your top stitch changes the colour of stitch that features throughout your seat.

Fabric Options 

  • All Black (as standard)
  • Black/Blue Centre
  • Black/Red Centre
  • Black/Grey Centre
  • Additional Colours Available Upon Request.

Top Stitch Upgrade 

  • White (as standard)
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow

Add your name, your company, your company’s logo, or a sponsors logo to give your seat your signature. Pricing includes digitisation & machine set up.


The continued popularity of this full peripheral vision head protection system style of seat has proved hard to improve upon. This year sees a number of minor detail changes to keep in line with the latest in foam and fabric innovations. These include ÆGIS MICROBE SHIELD® technology and Jacquard fabrics. These changes have further enhanced its durability, performance and appearance, keeping this model as a firm favourite amongst drivers.


Featuring the Revolution’s signature ultra-deep sides and cradle construction, this seat offers the ultimate in lateral support and comfort around the kidney area, resulting in excellent torsional rigidity and increased side intrusion safety.


Incorporating the HANS® comfort zone as standard and giving drivers the opportunity to install alternate base cushion sizes, this seat ensures the driver has full functionality of their safety equipment and a comfortable seating position at all times.


Our Gel Coat upgrade adds a personal touch to your seat. We stock a wide variety of colours but if you have a specific colour in mind we can usually match it providing you have the correct RAL number.

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