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RRB Reclining Sport Seat
    • Deep Side bolsters for unrivalled Lateral Support
    • Motorsport Inspired for the Road
    • Mount Using Our Subframe & Runners


    The closest you can get to a fixed back seat, while still keeping a reclining function. With the unique seat bolster design offering the maximum lateral support possible in a road seat, the RRB also allows for the use of both 3 and 4 point harnesses as well as standard seat belts.


    Please be advised this seat has limited tilt forward function due to its high sided bolsters.

    RRB Reclining Sport Seat

    Excluding VAT
    • The RRB is available in one size only.

      We always recommend trying any seat before you buy. You can visit our showroom in East Sussex to try the seat out, however if this is not something you are able to do the dimensions are above, which will give you an idea of size.


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